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What are AMP’s and do I need them for my website?

What are AMP’s and do I need them for my website?

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Accelerated Mobile Pages are quite simply the loading of web pages in a more structured and user-friendly manner.


Have you ever opened an article up you would like to read and found the page bouncing about all over the place with ads and images loading here, and everywhere? It makes for a frustrating reading experience, especially when using mobile internet (which more and more of us now do). AMP allows for the loading of the essentials to allow the user to access the content they require as quickly and simply as possible. The bits that are not needed for user experience are loaded after the essentials, instead of all at once which is the case on traditional pages.


AMP are accessed through mobile devices, a different version is provided for traditional platforms. It’s effectively a streamlined version.


When you type in a search query you’ll find a growing number of AMP pages now appearing. (Just look to the right of your mobile search queries).


So AMP is great for those who like to access content on the go. However, do we need it for every website? In short no. Where your site creates lots of content it would be definitely worthwhile and there are SEO benefits too. However, for a bog standard commercial website whereby people aren’t visiting to consume lots of content, it would be quite pointless and in fact even detrimental to the visual aspects of your website.


AMP improves functionality not aesthetics.